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    Affordable Fees
    Unlike any other institutions, EC offers education
    at very affordable fees. Start off your journey of
    education with us.
    Innovative Learning Approach
    With the introduction of Apple technology into the curriculum, lessons have
    become even more interactive and engaging. Students are given the iPad
    for FREE as their integrated learning tool. Interactive learning materials in the
    form of iBooks and educational apps are just a click away on the iPad. The
    integration of technology and learning within the same confines ensure that the
    students’ mindsets are truly ready for the demands of today’s employment market.
    Experienced and Qualified Lecturers
    Here at EC, lecturers have dedicated themselves to mold the students through excellent
    academic and career achievements. With the many years of experience and each specializing
    in their own field, they are focused in ensuring that the students are fully equipped with the
    knowledge required to the start of their career pathways.
    Quality Education
    For over a decade, EC has faithfully served to shape its students to their fullest potential academically
    and intellectually. Fully recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), EC guarantees a complete
    academic pathway for its students. With collaborations from other top-notch institutions nationally and
    internationally, students are also able to further pursue their studies with recognition. Throughout their
    study journey, students here do not only gain academic knowledge, they also gain practical insights through
    industrial trainings, site visits and educational talks.
    Cutting-Edge Teaching Facilities
    In line with the world’s advancement in technology, EC reinvents its entire
    teaching and learning approach and facilities to make its campus a better
    environment to study at. Fully equipped with Apple latest technology and
    high-tech Interactive TV, the academic programmes at EC are delivered in
    a manner which best exposes and exemplifies the need for innovation and
    technology in today’s world.
    Public Service Department (JPA)
    Kementerian Pendidikan TInggi (KPT)
    Malaysia Qualifications Agency (MQA)
    Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM)
    Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM)
    100 % Job Priority
    Upon completion of studies, students may apply to work with EC’s Industry Partners
    such as KTS Group of Companies and their applications will be given priority.